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Posted 12 January 2013 - 04:25 AM

1. Flaming: Using defamatory speech to put down other players or members is disrespectful and will not be tolerated. If you have a problem, feel free to confront somebody about it, but do not be hateful, and try not to spread the drama across the community.

2. Hacking, modding, boosting, and glitching of any kind will not be tolerated in online competitive game play. Period. If you are doing something for which we could report you on xbox live, then you will be banned from our community depending on severity of the offense.

3. Banned words: Aside from racial slurs, we really don't have any that are outright banned. We expect you to use common sense. Please use discretion with the following, etc.
a. Racially slurs (banned)
b. Words related to sexual orientation used as a negative
c. Using the word 'retard' towards a handicapped person, or as a negative towards anybody. 
d. Words used for the intent of being demeaning towards someone of a particular gender.
e. "Rape", "Cunt"

4. Leaving mid-game/dashboarding:
a. Dashboarding is boosting, and is not allowed.
b. Leaving mid-game tolerable IF it doesn’t become a habit, and when the other team is cheating. If people notice that you leave too often, they will start to resent playing with you.

5. Out of uniform (clan tag):
a. If you are in our community, and are seen with a different clan tag, we may assume that you no longer wish to be a member. If you are not in uniform, it is disrespectful to the community.

6. Trash talking other players:
a. Retaliate but don’t provoke.
b. See Flaming rule.
c. There is nothing wrong with a little friendly BS.

7. Win/Lose attitude:
a. See Flaming rule and Trash talking rule.
b. When you win, act like you’ve been there before. Don’t make a big deal about it, putting the other team down in the process.
c. When you lose, don’t complain about it (within the limits of the trash talking rule). If you have a habit of saying ‘good game’ when you win, you should also be saying it or something similar when you lose fairly.
d. Play with good sportsmanship, and people will come to both respect you and our community.

8. Drugs and Alcohol:
a. Discussion of drugs and alcohol is allowed insofar as the discussion remains legal. You may not use this community as a means of buying or selling illegal drugs.
b. Being intoxicated is not an excuse for breaking any rules. 
c. If you feel like you can't control yourself, or if people end up having to mute you, then either turn your mic off or don't play while intoxicated.

9. Being Disruptive:
a. Don't make people have to mute you.

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