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#2 Community Facebook Page

Posted by SA Bad Coconut on 12 January 2013 - 04:23 AM


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#3 SA Rank and Responsibilities

Posted by SA Bad Coconut on 12 January 2013 - 04:24 AM

Overall promotion guidelines:

1. Promotions will be given out based on your efforts to contribute to the community, how active you are, and how well you abide by the code of conduct.
2. We do not owe anybody promotions.
3. Currently, members of the clan, KIG, who come over to SA will be given their previous rank up to 6 (7 and above would become 6).
4. Aside from rule 3, do not expect any rank skipping unless it is absolutely necessary.


0: Recruit
This is a rank for potential members who have not been fully brought into the community. They have no responsibility. They are here to try us out as much as we are trying them out.

1: Private
A private has been approved by a 6 or higher and is now a full member of SA. They have been given a brief overview of the code of conduct and our ranking system. They have also sent friend requests to the leaders of the branch (7 and higher), as well as the branch tag.

2: Corporal
A corporal has registered on the website, but otherwise has no responsibility.

3: Sergeant
A sergeant has been an active and respectful member for at least two weeks since their last promotion. This is the highest of the non-officer ranks, and holds no responsibility.

4: Lieutenant
A lieutenant is an active member who, as a 3, has offered to do something special for SA. The easiest way to become a 4 is to offer to hold a class or practice, but there are other ways. Be creative!

5: Captain
Captains are holding or have held jobs within the branch. They are expected to make every effort to attend meetings.

6: Major
Majors have the authority to bring in new recruits and promote them to rank 1. They are responsible for letting the new members know about our code of conduct and what it contains. They are also responsible for making sure that the new members send friend requests to the appropriate gamertags (branch leaders/branch tag). A 6 can be promoted after being an active and successful 5 for at least 4 weeks. They are expected to make every effort to attend meetings. This is the highest rank for those who don't wish to run their own branch.

7: Lieutenant Colonel
A 7 must be very active, as he/she is in training to be an 8 in the future. Unexcused lapses in activity can be cause for demotion at the 8 or higher's discretion. By the time a 7 becomes an 8, he/she should have successfully done all necessary jobs within the branch. They should attend all meetings unless excused, and should be training to host their own. Rank 7 members are expected to act as moderators on their branch forum.

8: Colonel
A colonel is fully in charge of a single branch. They are responsible for keeping its roster up-to-date, as well as for the overall well-being of their branch. Within their branch, they have absolute authority over all lower ranks. They should be ready to solve any conflict within the branch. Rank 8 members hold moderator status over their branch forum.

9: Lieutenant General
Members of this rank have been 8's in the past who have successfully built their branches up and gone through a split. They are responsible for advising and assisting the 8's and members of multiple branches. They should also be able to solve any conflict within their branches. Rank 9 members hold moderator status over all forums.

G: General
Members are only promoted to the rank of general when the current founders and/or generals are not sufficient. This is an administrative position, and generals oversee the entire community. They solve conflicts and keep the community happy.

F: Founder
Founders have absolute authority over the community and responsibility for it's well-being. They are the original instigators of SA.

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#4 Code of Conduct

Posted by SA Bad Coconut on 12 January 2013 - 04:25 AM

1. Flaming: Using defamatory speech to put down other players or members is disrespectful and will not be tolerated. If you have a problem, feel free to confront somebody about it, but do not be hateful, and try not to spread the drama across the community.

2. Hacking, modding, boosting, and glitching of any kind will not be tolerated in online competitive game play. Period. If you are doing something for which we could report you on xbox live, then you will be banned from our community depending on severity of the offense.

3. Banned words: Aside from racial slurs, we really don't have any that are outright banned. We expect you to use common sense. Please use discretion with the following, etc.
a. Racially slurs (banned)
b. Words related to sexual orientation used as a negative
c. Using the word 'retard' towards a handicapped person, or as a negative towards anybody. 
d. Words used for the intent of being demeaning towards someone of a particular gender.
e. "Rape", "Cunt"

4. Leaving mid-game/dashboarding:
a. Dashboarding is boosting, and is not allowed.
b. Leaving mid-game tolerable IF it doesn’t become a habit, and when the other team is cheating. If people notice that you leave too often, they will start to resent playing with you.

5. Out of uniform (clan tag):
a. If you are in our community, and are seen with a different clan tag, we may assume that you no longer wish to be a member. If you are not in uniform, it is disrespectful to the community.

6. Trash talking other players:
a. Retaliate but don’t provoke.
b. See Flaming rule.
c. There is nothing wrong with a little friendly BS.

7. Win/Lose attitude:
a. See Flaming rule and Trash talking rule.
b. When you win, act like you’ve been there before. Don’t make a big deal about it, putting the other team down in the process.
c. When you lose, don’t complain about it (within the limits of the trash talking rule). If you have a habit of saying ‘good game’ when you win, you should also be saying it or something similar when you lose fairly.
d. Play with good sportsmanship, and people will come to both respect you and our community.

8. Drugs and Alcohol:
a. Discussion of drugs and alcohol is allowed insofar as the discussion remains legal. You may not use this community as a means of buying or selling illegal drugs.
b. Being intoxicated is not an excuse for breaking any rules. 
c. If you feel like you can't control yourself, or if people end up having to mute you, then either turn your mic off or don't play while intoxicated.

9. Being Disruptive:
a. Don't make people have to mute you.

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